Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Is Real Food?

The human body needs many essential elements to function. Many of these come from the food we eat.  But the problem today is that most "food" that is available or offered to us is not actually food. It is fake "food." It's actually not food at all, but poison, and is not only not good for us, it's TOXIC to our bodies.
A lot of people are under the myth that when they are eating these fake "foods", that they are just eating food that's not AS good for you as some other food. But that is a lie. You are actually not even eating food at all. You are eating a genetically modified, or chemically modified substance that is not food at all, or a refined substance that perhaps used to be food, but is now literally a poison to your body. So you're not eating food that is "less good" for you, you are not eating food at all. You are eating poison.
So, how do we eat real food?Join us as we discover what real food is, what toxins we are regularly consuming, and how to stop eating the poison!
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